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Overall Rating: ★★★★
$255/1st Cubic Meter Delivered. Additional Cubic Meter $235
  • Excellent Heat Yield
  • Burns Clean
  • Less Spark
  • Great Aroma
  • Free Kindling with your Online Order!*
  • Multiple Cubic Metre Discount


Overall Rating: ★★
$225/1st Cubic Meter Delivered. Additional Cubic Meter $210.
  • Low Heat Yield
  • Burns Fastest / Dirtiest
  • Produces Sparks / Pops
  • Less Favourable Aroma
  • Free Kindling with your Online Order!
  • Multiple Cubic Meter Discount

*We will try our best to add a complimentary bag to each meter but cannot guarantee if we will have it at any given time. If you are trying to order extra bags online, we encourage you to call us to ensure we have it available for your order, we are very sorry for this inconvenience!

Looking for Less than a Cubic Metre?

Our Self loading yard offers smaller, convenient options for your small pickup or car.

Why We Sell by the Cubic Metre

We follow Measurement Canada's Recommendation and sell by the Cubic Metre instead of the "cord".

Measurement Canada recommends that the use of the cord as a unit of measurement be discontinued, as it is largely misunderstood and often misused by people selling firewood. For example, some sellers use illegal terms such as "face cord", "stove cord", "apartment cord", "furnace cord" and "short cord" to refer to a quantity smaller than 128 cubic feet when selling bulk firewood. These and other similarly worded terms frequently lead to confusion about the actual quantity of firewood being sold.

To avoid any confusion about the amount of firewood purchased or sold, Measurement Canada recommends the use of the stacked cubic metre when purchasing and selling bulk firewood.

Full Details are available on Industry Canada's website.

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

We guarantee that all our wood has been dried and seasoned in order for an optimal burn. Our wood unless otherwise specified is all hand loaded to keep our wood as clean from dirt and debris as possible. We also guarantee our measurements. If you measure a discrepancy as to the dimensions quoted, we will make up the difference at no charge.

We have been serving Edmonton and area since 1981 and we value our customers, that's part of the reason why we have over 60,000 satisfied customer deliveries.

If you change your mind for any reason, we'll be happy to refund your order anytime prior to delivery. Please contact us 780.454.5291 to cancel your order.